Jalen Ramsey - An Insight into the NFL Player Contract 2023

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Jalen Ramsey is a talented NFL player who has made a great name for himself with his skills and performance on the football. In this article, we will delve into his career, achievements, and his current contract.

jalen ramsey contract
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Born on October 24, 1994, in Smyrna, Tennessee. He grew up in a family of athletes, as his father was a high school football coach and his mother was a track and field athlete. Ramsey showed an early interest in football and began playing at a young age. He attended Brentwood Academy, where he excelled as a defensive back and wide receiver or cornerback, now he was signed a contract with Miami dolphins.

Jalen Ramsey: Contract

  • The Contract's Length and Value
Jalen Ramsey an cornerback of Miami Dolphins signed a 3 year contract of $55,000,000.

Guaranteed Money and Signing Bonus

  • How Much Guaranteed Money  and Signing Bonus does Ramsey's Contract Include?
  • Include $8,835,000 Signing bonus and $35,500,000 Guaranteed Money.

Annual Salary and Cap Hit

  • How Much Will Ramsey Earn Per Year?
Cap hit of $4,110,000 and Dead cap is $35,500,000.
  • What is the salary of Jalen Ramsey In 2023?
Jalen Ramsey Base Salary is $1,165,000, and Annual Salary is $18,333,333

    Comparing Ramsey's Contract to Other Cornerbacks

    • Who are the Other Highest-Paid Cornerbacks in the NFL?
    Discover the 9 cornerbacks earning between $16.5M and $21M/year

    These are the top 10 highest-paid cornerbacks in the NFL, ranked by annual salary: 

    RankPlayerAnnual Salary
    1Jaire Alexander (Packers)$21 million
    2Denzel Ward (Browns)$20.1 million
    3Jalen Ramsey (Rams)$20 million
    4Marlon Humphrey (Ravens)$19.5 million
    5Marshon Lattimore (Saints)$19.4 million
    6Xavien Howard (Dolphins)$18 million
    7Tre'Davious White (Bills)$17.3 million
    8Darius Slay (Eagles)$16.7 million
    9J.C. Jackson (Chargers)$16.5 million
    10Byron Jones (Dolphins)$16.5 million

    FAQs About Jalen Ramsey Contract

    Q: Why did the Rams offer Ramsey such a lucrative contract? 
    A: The Rams saw Ramsey as a cornerstone of their defense and were willing to pay top dollar to keep him on the team.

    Q: Can Ramsey's contract be restructured? 
    A: Yes, the Rams and Ramsey can restructure the contract if necessary.

    Q: What happens if Ramsey underperforms or suffers an injury? 
    A: The details of the contract include protections for the team in case of injury or underperformance.


    Jalen Ramsey contract reflects his extraordinary talent and the importance of the cornerback position in today's NFL. While the contract is certainly lucrative, it also comes with high expectations and pressure to consistently perform at a high level. For the Rams, managing the salary cap will be a key factor in their ability to build and maintain a winning team.


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